Chinese New Year Assembly

I was substituting in first grade this week for the last day before Chinese New Year break.  It just so happened that first and fourth grade had their assembly together so I got to see exactly what the boys saw.  There were dancing Chinese teachers, a lantern dance, a lion dance, a game-show quiz and some audience sing-alongs.  It was pretty fun!  I sort of felt bad for the Spanish students who didn't know the songs or understand the Chinese spoken but they did everything bilingual so that was nice. 

Gong Xi Fat Cai!

Evan and Lucy

Dancing Chinese Teachers

Lantern Dancers

Lion Dancers

Finale by the Chinese Teachers

This is a song they teach the kids in Chinese class.  It's about Chinese New Year and it has actions! It's a little bit like "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

Just a snipit of the Lion Dance at the assembly

This is the most popular of CNY songs.  Leading up to CNY and all throughout, you hear this song EVERYWEHRE in the grocery store, on the radio, and yes, at school too!  Here's the Chinese department and the kids involved in the assembly singing "Gong Xi Ni" as the finale.


Jessica said…
How cool!! Love. These videos

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