Banteay Srei

 On our second day of temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia we saw about 8 temples total.  Angkor Wat, on the first day, was the largest of all the temples and we visited it first.  We were there for about three hours.  The rest of the temples we spent anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour exploring.

Banteay Srei was the first temple we saw on day two.  It was made of lava stone and you can see the redish color in the blocks of the temple.  You can also notice that the dirt was a redish color.  Evan kicked it up all day and we all went home with very dusty feet.

a group of local kids trying to earn money 

At every temple entrance you have to show your tickets for the temples.  There's usually a little police man there to look at your ticket.  This guy was stoked that we were American.  He had a very important question to ask us.  I THINK what he was trying to find out was, "Do Americans have 300 dollar bills???"  We have no idea why he cared so much to ask us but it sure was funny!  

This is the one I wanted to take home with me.
Ugh.  The kids in Cambodia.  They sure do tear at your heartstrings.
They're beautiful.  And so poor and yet, they are very happy.
They don't know the same lives my children do and they are happy.
However, I wish I could give them all proper clothes, food, shelter, water, and crayons.
And this one, I wish I could have taken her home with me.  

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet or not but my kids literally thought they were Indiana Jones all week.
Evan said, "This is the best adventure ever".
They wore the Go Pro camera on their heads and they ran and jumped and crawled and climbed all over the temples.
They had a great time and I hope they will remember it always.

I loved these monkey statues. 

I think Colin liked this little one.  

The location of this temple was really cool.  It was kind of out in the jungle.  


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