Snow Ninja

The boys had their first-ever pet while we lived here in Singapore.  Ryan's sweet friend Tennyson was moving around the world and therefore unable to take his pet hamster with him.  Ryan and Evan adopted Snow Ninja a female Siberian albino hamster.

She was just the cutest thing.

Ryan especially was a very good care-taker to Snow Ninja.  He always changed her food, played with her, and cleaned out her cage.  Evan was really good with her too.  He loved to play with her and snuggle her.  He'd stick her under his shirt and let her crawl on his belly.

Last night she went to heaven.

The boys were pretty sad about it.  But.. in times like these, we learn real- life lessons about LIFE and death.  Colin talked to the boys about the circle of life before we told them that someone we loved had died.

The boys then placed her in a box and said their goodbyes.

I'm glad they were able to have her as a pet, maybe we can get a new pet when we return to Utah.


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