Student Led Conferences

The boys had Student Led Conferences today.  It is so fun to see their progress and to have them demonstrate their learning to me.  I love meeting with their teachers, seeing their classrooms, and getting updates on their growth and progress.  
Evan at the writing station. 

Evan at the Science Station. 

The boys racing their balloon rockets at Evan's science station. 

Evan demonstrating a subtraction problem with number cubes at the Math Station. 

Evan at the Reading Station: showing his thinking in KWL format on an informational text at his "just right" level.  

I love this bulletin board.  

What Evan knows.  

What Evan Wonders. 

What Evan has learned.  

Having a morning snack together in the cafeteria.  

Ryan's poetry bulletin board. 

Ryan's poetry

Ryan talking about his goals. 

Science Station: making a circuit 

Electricity at the Science Station

Ryan's Reading Genre Wheel

Ryan at the Writing Station


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