Back in the USA

Well, we are officially back in the USA.  For those who have asked and wondered, we are back in the same city that we were located in before our move to Singapore.  We're actually in the same house!  You see, we only purchased the home about 18 months before we started planning a move abroad.  Really, we had waited and waited and waited to BUY  a home thinking that maybe an opportunity to live abroad would come along.  We decided that after about 10 years of marriage and 8 years with Colin's employer, that the opportunity probably wasn't coming and we should just go ahead and settle in Utah.  So, we did.  We bought a home, and then less than 2 years later moved away.  SO... we weren't quite ready to get rid of the home, we both loved it so much.  And so we rented it out and that was an excellent decision because now we are back in our house and we love it just as much as we did before.  

But, anyway... we ARE back!  It is nice to be back.  Thank you to all who have welcomed us back and come to visit us this summer.  

We had forgotten how BIG things are in America, and how CHEAP they are too.  I was going to take a photo of how large this piece of pizza which costs less than $2 is when Evan's "long-lost brother" walked up!  What are the chances of seeing your best buddy at Costco?!  They were so excited!  

It's been great being around my family again.  I sure did miss this little guy and his big sister too.  He even likes me this year too!  

You know what else we missed?  Shopping!  
We sure have done a lot of that in the past couple of weeks!  

More cousins from California came to see us and went to Seven Peaks with us!  Yea!  

We received the first of our belongings from Singapore.  This is our air shipment.  They allowed us 1,200 pounds to have shipped to us by air.  That shipment only took about 4 weeks.  The majority of our belongings is on a sea cargo freight and that will take another 4 weeks before it arrives.  

But don't worry we have purchased some furniture so our house isn't really empty.  

I missed Mexican food.  The rest of us... I'm  not so sure.  
Ha!  I ordered this nacho plate for the boys for lunch.  They had no idea what kind of food this was.  I reminded them that they'd been very open minded about food in Asia and that this was the same.  Once they remembered that, they dug in and I think they actually liked it too!  Ha! 

Jax and Emry wanted a sleepover because apparently our kids just can't quite get enough of each other.  I think that's called making up for lost time.  Anyway, the kids had a sleepover and it was really fun!  

We went to the park. 

Made mini-pizzas, and had a grand time!  

It is good to be back!  


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