First Swim Meet

The boys had their first multi-team swim meet this weekend at West Jordan Pool.  It was so fun to see them participate in a swim meet!  I think they both really had a lot of fun too.  So we've decided that we are going to do the pre-competition team this summer and hopefully we can join the competition team in the fall.  Ryan is definitely ready for comp but Evan has some work to do still and I can't really be at two different pools at the same time for practices so this is what we're going with!  

I was surprised by their competitive nature.  Ha ha ha!  I have no idea why I was surprised that they're competitive.  Have you met their parents??? Anyway, the boys have really only been swimming for a swim team for a couple of weeks.  Because of the whole moving back to the other side of the world situation, they weren't able to start at the "beginning" of the season.  There are some things they still need to learn and work on.  However, I am still so proud of them.  They're hard workers, they swim hard, practice lots, complain very little and enjoy the ride.  
I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky with these two but I sure do love them!  

This is Evan starting his first race.  

And swimming! 

Ryan starting (not the best form but still a cool shot!) 

And off he goes!  

The boys each swam 3 events.  Free, Back, and Breast races.  Maybe next time they can give butterfly a try!  


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