Bell Canyon Hike

We decided to use one of the kids No School Fridays for accomplishing a Scout Badge.  Ryan picked Weeblos Walk About and so we planned a hike.  Ryan did a lot of requirements for this badge and I was so proud of his sense of responsibility in the whole thing.  He planned our hike, packed our lunch, decided on good gear and clothing to wear and bring, prepared a first aide kit, discussed possible dangers along the way and had a great attitude about it all!

The weather has been SO NICE lately and I am really enjoying this fall season.  The mountains and canyons are gorgeous in fall foliage and we are soaking in the beauty of Utah.  It's so fun that the kids are old enough to do hikes and hold their own without complaining or being carried. This phase in parenting is so much fun.  

Looking down on the valley. 

 This hike is kind of steep for most of the way and then it makes a loop around a small little lake.  I think its about 4 miles (according to local hiking sites).  It didn't take us very long and we had to stop an analyze every rock along the way, ha ha ha!


When the boys see a boulder, they see a climbing and photo opportunity.  

We had a great time and Ryan earned the Walk About.  A successful trip! 


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