Christmas 2015

Christmas was wonderful this year.  We had Colin's parents visiting from Maryland, his sister from China, and his youngest sister and her husband from Hawaii.  It's so fun to have so many family members together.  I had been preparing for Christmas since Halloween and on Christmas Eve I cae down with a terrible cold.  I felt like a zombie all day and wasn't able to get many photos of much of the day.  Mother Nature brought us another foot of snow.  Trevor and Evan cleared the driveway twice that day.  Although I didn't feel like I got to fully enjoy the day, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the blessings and gifts we received.  

Ryan's favorite present was the drone Uncle Stuart sent and Evan's favorite was his Quixels set from Santa.  
I'm in love with my new slippers and Colin is enjoying the new basketball shoes I bought him.  


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