Snow Day!

In early December we had a huge snow storm.  The first night we had about 12 inches of snow.  School wasn't canceled as they don't like to do snow days around here (because those days have to be made up, you know) and it was quite the sight.  By the end of the day, I think we had about 2 feet of snow.  The next day was more of the same and school was delayed start by 2 hours.  If you delay the start you can still count it as a full school day and no school has to be missed.  I'm SO grateful that we were able to purchase a snow blower this year!  

 What the driveway looked like 90 minutes after snow blowing for the first time.

This boy was in heaven with all the snow.  

After a few minutes of playing in the snow the boys were cold and ready to come back inside.  

I think this year will be a good snow year!  


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