Second Grade City

All of the Second Graders at Sprucewood participated in Second Grade City as a culmination to their community and money units.  Each child had a job at a store or other business in the city.  They each had two rotations, one where they worked, and one where they were the consumers.  Evan had a great time working in the Post Office.  I came to help and was working at the Hospital.  The teachers did a great job or preparing the students for the day. The whole thing went off without a hitch and I was so glad I got to participate.  The Hospital was a popular stop!  Who knew second graders would choose to spend their time and money riding in an "ambulance" and having their wounds dressed.  Ha ha!  8 year olds are the best.  


Movie Theater

Ice Cream Shop

Post Office

Beauty Shop

Book Store

Candy Store

Second Graders ready to hear from their Mayor and kick off "Second Grade City" 

Evan counting his money for ice cream. 

Evan ordering his ice cream

Evan going for an ambulance ride

Evan having a broken arm set. 

Working in the Post Office 


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