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Booker T. Washington

My name is Booker T.  Washington. I was born a slave in April 5,1856 in a Virginia log cabin. As a child I had a poor quality cabin, My job was to fan flies away from my master's table at mealtime. At age nine I learned I was free and went to school for the first time ever.  I loved to read and education was always important to me.  When I became an adult I built Tuskegee University with my wife and students so I was the Dean, or principal there. I gave many speeches about how slaves should be free.  My most famous speech was called the Atlanta Compromise. After that important speech, I became the new leader of African Americans in the United States.  I started the National Negro Business League in 1900.  I lived exactly 100 years and I died November 14, 1956 and came to rest at Tuskegee University.


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