Ryan's Arrow of Light

We are so proud of Ryan for earning his Arrow of Light.  
At his celebration ceremony and Pack Meeting he showed a few of the things that he has done in Cub Scouting to earn his Arrow of Light.  He showed his collection of rocks that he earned through doing the "Earth Rocks" pin.  When we went on our trip to Arches, Bryce, and Zion, Ryan did a lot of the work on this pin.  He also showed his Rain Gutter Regatta boats and his Space Derby Rocket.  
Our amazing Cub Master invited a man from The Democratic Republic of the Congo to come speak to the boys about his country, culture, and customs.  He then demonstrated how to play a few drums and invited the boys to participate in a drum circle.  
The following evening Ryan was invited into the Scout Troop and was presented with his red scout scarf.  Ryan really loves scouts and I love all of the wonderful things it is teaching him.  


Jessica said…
I love the photo of you & Colin with Ryan.

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