Halloween 2016!

With Halloween on a Monday this year, my kids celebrated for about a week!  Ryan attended two parties, we had a neighborhood carnival, Red Ribbon Week, Pumpkin Carving with family, and then... the actual Halloween Day!  Whew!  

Evan dressed as a character from Five Nights at Freddy's (a video game) called Balloon Boy.  
Ryan dressed as Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon trainer from the Pokemon series (cartoon, cards, games, books, etc.) 

I threw on a witch hat and boa and some red lipstick and everyone thought I was dressed  up!  ;)

I watched Evan parade around his school, and then later came back to help with his class party!

The boys trick-or-treated with a group of friends this year but I had to go check out what our neighbors had done with their Pirate's Cove. 

Colin and I handed out candy.  We gave out a lot this year, probably more than we ever have in this neighborhood, or ever!  It was a lot of fun to see all the kids in their costumes. 

And my boys came home with TONS of candy! 


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