Primary Program and Priesthood Preview

The boys had their primary program this Sunday.  They both did a fantastic job on their parts.  This year's theme was "I love to read the Scriptures".  As a family this is something we're getting a little bit better at.  It is fun to see the boys' testimonies grow as they do.  Thank you to my parents for coming to see the boys!

Evan gave a part about Nephi.  He said, "My favorite scripture story is about Nephi.  He was brave and went to get the plates when his brothers were afraid".

Ryan gave a short talk about Joseph Smith.

Imagine a glass full of clear, pure water. If we bump the glass, some water might spill out and the glass wouldn’t be full anymore. When Jesus Christ was on the earth, He established His Church. He taught the fulness of the gospel: faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by immersion, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and obedience to the commandments. Jesus showed all people how we should live. He became the Savior of us all. The gospel glass was full. But as the years passed, parts of the gospel were lost because wicked people changed it or didn’t obey it. The fulness of the gospel was no longer on the earth. Heavenly Father promised His children He would give them the fulness of the gospel again. He called Joseph Smith to help Him restore the fulness of the gospel. He calls prophets to teach everyone His gospel so we will know the way back to Him. We are blessed to have the fulness of the gospel in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our gospel glasses are full to the top, and Heavenly Father has promised that the gospel will never be taken from the earth again.

That same evening Ryan had his priesthood preview.  Next year he'll receive the priesthood and become a deacon.  It's hard to believe my kids are getting this big. I'm so grateful that Ryan has such a great group of kids in this neighborhood to grow up with.  They are amazing kids with incredible parents who have taught them how to be good citizens and they're growing in the gospel together.  There's a group of four of them who will be getting the priesthood this year, I can't wait to see what these young people do!

My favorite part of the evening is when each of the boys' dads got up and said something about them and their journey in the gospel.  This touched my heart, it was so special.  Of course Colin made me tear up a little, his message to Ryan about power was perfect.



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