6th Grade Projects

Castles and Solar Systems and Collages, oh my! 

Ryan had 5 major school projects due in the month of January.  While I would prefer that the projects were spread out throughout the year, I do enjoy helping my kids with their projects.  We had a lot of fun formulating ideas, making plans, scheduling, and carrying out the work for these projects.  I'm always amazed at the creativity of my kids.  

In Science Ryan had to build a solar system model.  
Originally we thought we'd buy some styrofoam balls and spray paint them to look like the planets.  When I realized that the supplies to do the project this way was going to cost me over forty dollars, we decided to use some things we already had.  We went to the Dollar Store and bought a few extra bouncy and foam balls and used some bouncy balls we had at home. We spray painted them, drilled holes through them, strung fishing line through them, and attached them to a spray painted and speckled box.  Ryan has really learned his planets well.  He was able to remember what size they should be in relationship to one another on the project. 

oops, we forgot to give Saturn some rings. 

That's better 

All Done! 

In Social Studies Ryan had his Quest project to do on the Middle Ages.  He was able to choose from a menu a few different options to complete for this one. He chose to make a model of a castle, a stained glass window, and a collage.  

He decided to make his castle out of Legos.  It takes a lot of Legos to make a castle.  I had to buy a few new ones because even though we have a lot of Legos, many of them are teeny tiny pieces.  

This project came home missing 9 tower tops.  WHY do other kids feel the need to destroy one another's projects.  HUGE PET PEEVE!  

The Stained glass window

The collage 


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