January, 2017

I decided to make a new wreath to hang in January.
I call this one "Let it Snow"

and boy... did it ever snow in January

In Utah in January we have this crazy cycle of weather.
We go from TONS of snow to FREEZING cold to INVERSION!  BOO.
This was one rare day that was sunny, and also like -2 degrees.  

Evan was recognized by his principal for "soaring" on some great classroom work. 
I love how our school recognizes kids for their hard work. 

TONS of Snow! 

I really detest shoveling.  Snow blowing isn't so bad but my back doesn't really love it.
I LOVE that this boy is big enough (and willing) to help with the shoveling. 

I'd been craving Pho for weeks and weeks, I finally met my good friend Teresa for lunch and had some!
Pho 33 in Midvale.  check them out!

The icicles at the church are literally 3 feet long.  I was just dying to photograph them. 

And the boys were dying to knock them down!
I captured this moment so perfectly.
This photograph makes me laugh ever time!!!


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