Jess Graduates from Nursing School

My little sister Jess worked hard for two long years to complete nursing school.  Part of that time she worked a full-time job.  All of that time she ran her household and raised her babies.  She went to school for long hours, studied seemingly every waking moment, attended labs, clinics, and sat one exam after the other.  She did such a good job in the capstone project that the lead doctor at the facility she worked at offered her a job on the spot.  I'm so proud of all her hard work!  She had a dream, she was determined to reach it, and she gave it her all the entire way through.  I could not be more proud of her!  The video at the end is a compilation of the snap chats she sent me throughout her journey- mission nursing school!  

Dad and Jess

Emry and Jess

Jen and Jess

Ryan and Jess

Nurses Pledge

Jess walking across the stage to get pinned 

The Graduating Class 


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