Skiing Solitude Slopes

Today was some fun family time.  It snowed all day and the sun rarely made an appearance but there weren't any crowds and no one got hurt!  

Ryan is a cautious skier.  

Evan is a little more confident and enjoys going through the trees and getting air on jumps. 

I'm a fair weather skier mostly but I love that my family loves this sport that I enjoy so much.  I've noticed that I can really work on my endurance.  I used to be able to keep up with the boys but as they grow in age and ability on the ski slopes, I have a harder time keeping up my stamina to stay with them.  Skiing with diabetes can be a little challenging but I did pretty well today.  

Colin is a good skier.  He's a great sport about it too.  He's been injured skiing a couple of times but he is learning and improving too, and his endurance is way better than mine.  


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