April, 2017

 Here's the rest of the month of April, 2017

One day we were leaving our house and the boys opened the garage. 
In walked two Mallard Ducks!  This time of year is so fun.  

Just taking a photo of Evan's cute freckles. :) 

On our way down to California, we stayed in Las Vegas.  
Ben & Jerry's was giving away free ice cream!  

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood and the boys wanted their photo with the Star Trek costume. 

Tulips in my yard.  

I did a course in child empowerment and saftey/ self defense education for kids. 
I'm certified to teach it at Evan's school next year. 

I love that Evan's scout leader texts me photos of their activities.  
Here he is working on his science belt loop. 

The boys finally got hair cuts. They were long overdue (always are) and Ryan has started caring about his hair for basically the first time ever. He even gets out the hair dryer some mornings!  

This month for pack meeting we did a flight simulation and had a pilot and hobbiest come and teach us all about airplanes.  


pjvietti said…
Jack and Maisie are OBSESSED with their hair!! And of course - Izzie and Piper could care less...

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