Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

 I've always wanted to go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  My friend Constance, from Singapore, moved here not too long ago and I know she likes to take photos so I asked her if she'd come along with me.  It just so happened that our friend Teena, also from Singapore, was passing through Utah and had another friend from Singapore as well... so, we made a lunch date out of it and went to see the tulips.  Grandma Veva and Aunt Jean were also here for the week and so they came along too!  It was a really lovely day at the Tulip Festival.  The weather this spring has been really cold and rainy.  I was glad we were able to beat the bad weather that day.

The tulips were amazing and I couldn't believe how they transformed the entire property of gardens into a beautiful Spring display!  


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