Cub Camp at Camp Tracy

Evan attended two days at Camp Tracy.  
I didn't get to go with him on the first day, but did attend the second day.  

The boys did all kinds of things at camp including: rock climbing, go-cart racing, crafting a bow tie, making a light saber, designing a simple machine and creating a stick bomb, analyzing fingerprints, looking for forensic clues, shooting BB guns, participating in a camp fire program,  climbing up a tree house, and exploring an old train car.  This was the day that I attended, they also had a full first day as well.  At this camp Evan (and his fellow Bears) earned the following belt loops and awards: 
Bear Claws, Bear Necessities; Fur, Feathers, Ferns, Forensics, Make it Move, Critter Care, Bear BB shooting, Bear Archery, Bear Slingshot, and Bear Shooting Sport.  
The kids had the greatest time!  


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