Ghost Falls Hike

Ryan did a short hike with his scout troop one Wednesday night and he really wanted to do it again so that he could show us some birds and a new trail.  It took me a while to follow my 11-year old's directions, but we eventually found the hike.  It was a great morning for a hike and it didn't get TOO hot on us before we were out of there for the day.  
This hike is really a mountain bike trail.  So, if you're in to that kind of thing, I'd say take a bike!  It was an okay hike but I was just glad for the activity and one on two time with my boys.  
I've just recently (thanks to Colin) discovered the All Trails app and I would recommend it to any hikers out there. Hiking is one thing that we have really gotten into as a family.  We all own a pair of hiking boots and a camel back now and really, that's about all the equipment you need, so it makes it an affordable pass time and we're enjoying exploring our surroundings.  


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