Spring Snow

We've been quite spoiled with a very mild winter this year. The snow hasn't REALLY fallen since Christmas. In fact, Ryan saw the snow this morning and asked if it WAS Christmas! The past couple of weeks have been very nice. I've even taken to sweatshirts instead of coats for the boys some days.

Thursday afternoon was sunny and 50. By 3:00pm there was rain and by 5:00 pm a winter wonderland. Luckily for the commuters the snow seemed to stick mostly to the vegetation instead of the roads. I was even luckier than that and didn't have to go ANYWHERE today!

We had parent-teacher conferences this week (they went really well, thanks for asking) and one of the nice things about being on a Traditional schedule is that we get a comp. day the day after conferences. That helps so much!

We spent the day hanging out at home and I decided to capture the beauty of the snow before almost all of it melted in the afternoon sun.

Well, hopefully only two more months of snow and we'll be able to break out the gardening tools.

This last shot is kind of weird but I did that so you could see the amount, I'd say about 3 inches.


Steph said…
Great pics Jen! Are you just loving your new camera?
Teresa said…
Two more months? What are you talking about? I really hope you are wrong on that one. I'm ready to plant my veggies now, at least the early ones and Maya won't stop asking when she gets to plant her garden. I'm ready for spring, NOW!!
Jen said…
Steph, I claim no talent what-so-ever. You, on the other hand, are amazing. Maybe I could come take some lessons this summer!

March, and April. Two more months. I mean, I know it's not gonna snow every week but yeah, probably have some snow the next couple of months.
I'll be coming to YOUR house for gardening lessons this summer!

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