Mandalay Bay

With two small children, traveling across the desert for 12 hours just doesn't sound like fun. But, it had to be done, not all at the same time, however. We thought it would be best to split up the drive. It was! The boys did very well but they got pretty tired of driving in the car about an hour before we arrived, and about the same time when we returned. I thought that was kind of funny. In San Bernadino, on the way down, they were very tired of the drive and the entertainment factor had to be increased. The same thing happened in about Nephi on the way back. Anyhow, I digress. We decided to stay at the Mandalay Bay on Monday, July 5, in Las Vegas. It was a great choice, thanks Colin for doing all of the hotel-booking and research. I was really shocked at how crowded the hotel was on this day, but it was a holiday week after all and it is summertime so there were people everywhere and lots of families. Las Vegas is not a town for children. Someday, I'll remember this. No, I'm kidding. We've only really taken them there this one time.
Mandalay bay was awesome. The room was very nice and the pools were really great. We pretty much just stayed in this hotel, because we weren't really there for a Vegas vacation, just for a break in the traveling. We ate at one of the hotel restaurants for dinner and went back to the same place for breakfast. The boys and we really loved the pools and we hung out for a while there in the morning before getting onto the road. The best part of the hotel though, was the view! It was a strip-view room and because it is way down on the south side of the strip, you could really see the whole thing! Awesome.

The view during the day.
We took the boys to the aquarium. Crowded but the worst part was waiting in line to pay for entrance.
They have a petting pool at the end and I love touching the sting-rays. Ryan and Evan's arms were really too short to reach down to the animals, but oh well.
Ryan actually listened to the informational headphones for the majority of the museum. He would shout at us the key words so we knew what we were looking at and what he was excited about. That was so funny! And slightly embarrassing too!
This is the view at night.
All of the pictures in this post were taken on cell-phones. We left the camera in the car and didn't really want to go back and get it.
Oh, and this is a picture Ryan took of the canyon as we drove through. Not bad for a picture taken by a four year old, from inside of the car, on a cell phone camera!


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