Visit with Aunt Katie

Katie came in from China for a visit to the states this summer. She spent some time in Maryland with her mom, dad, and little sister Erin. Then, she came out to Utah to hang out with her friends and us. We had a wonderful time hanging out. She spent time playing with the kids, reading to them, talking to me, messing around on the Internet (uncensored), and doing lots of yummy eating and shopping. I'm so glad she decided to make Utah a stop on her summer vacation. She's teaching English at a school in China again this coming year.
We made Aunt Katie go play at the park with us a few times. She didn't mind... and she even pushed on swings and lifted kids up to hang on the monkey bars.

When we picked Katie up from Rita's house in Spanish Fork,we made a free trip to the Bean Museum. It was a nice little excursion for the boys and I quite enjoyed it as well.
This is Evan in front of a lion.
Kisses from Aunt Katie!
A more candid shot of the kids at the park. Evan's picking his nose, I know... we're working on it!


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