Christmas with Friends

My brain is doing some kind of ADD right now.  I'm thinking of what task I'd most like to do during my "free time" this evening.  The big boys are down stairs playing their Xbox which they've spent an entire week away from, little boy is watching Sprout so I'm trying to decide.  Will I clean my kitchen floors with my new spiffy mop/vacuum?  Nah, I've done more housework today than I'd care to.  Read my new book?  Good idea but I'll inevitably be interrupted with  "Mom, I need more juice".  So, I guess I'll get started with blogging our Christmas vacation to Nana's house in Maryland.  I've taken quite a few pictures so I'm not sure how many posts it will take me... be sure to stay tuned!  Oh, I suppose there are a few things from before we left I'll have to catch up on first. 
First of all, we had an evening at the Cole's to exchange Christmas gifts and get together to play.  Ryan's best friend of all, Curen, wanted to have a little get together before we took off.  I was so glad to go hang out with Tonya while the boys ran around playing.  It had been quite a while since we'd had a play date and the boys also had and opportunity to give each other a gift. 

 The boys got Curen some Iron-Man gear.  There was a face mask, a motorcycle, and a chest piece.  He was pretty excited! 
 Evan got Don't Break the Ice. 
Ryan got a Bumblebee the Transformer. 

Tonya, Josie, and I made lots of yummy treats while the boys played and played, it was a great evening. 


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