Kindergarten Rodeo

Kindergarten has several theme days throughout the year.  I signed up for their Rodeo day.  Ryan was really excited about it and I have to admit that I was too.  We both put on our cowboy duds and headed off to the rodeo.  Ryan made a stick horse too (so did the rest of his classmates). 

 Mr. Graham, Ryan's teacher's husband is a real cowboy so he came in to talk to them about what a real cowboy does and he read them a story too. 
 All of the kids dressed up in their cowboy and cowgirl stuff were so cute! 
 There's my Ryan!  
 Ryan and Easton enjoying their cowboy grub- hot dogs, chips, carrots, cookies, and punch. 
All of the little partners gathered round the campfire. 

There were five different stations that the kids rotated through.  There was herding cattle (sweeping black and white balloons into different quadrants), roping cattle (throwing hula hoops around chairs dressed up like cows), a stick horse race, target practice (shooting water at cans disguised as wild west animals which they studied this week) and an art project where they each made a cowboy boot. 

It has been such a blessing for me to be able to stay home this year.  I love volunteering with this sort of thing, I'm so grateful that I have these opportunities. Kindergarten is so much fun! 


Marvelle said…
What creative, fun activities! Sounds like a great day.

btw, did you ever make any decisions regarding your hair?
Missy said…
What a cute day! I know Jack would LOVE a cowboy day too :)

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