Dirty Dash

So Colin and I signed up to run the Dirty Dash with a team from his work.  The race was held on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah.  That's right near the Deer Creek Reservoir just west of Park City.  I wasn't sure what to think of a mud run but it was definitely A LOT OF FUN!  Colin and I had a lot of fun running together.  The race was for sure more hard than I was expecting.  There were tons of uphill parts which I find just take the wind right out of me.  The course was really varied.  There were hills, lots of obstacles like hay bales, wooden walls, cargo nets, tires, tunnels, and lots and lots of MUD!  They even had sprinklers on the mud to make it even more muddy.  Our team was "The Muddy Buddies" and most of them dressed in togas.  There were many teams dressed in costume.  We saw tu-tus, suits, super heroes, butterfly wings, and others.  Our start time was 1:40pm and there were waves of runners every 20 minutes throughout the day.  They even have a piglet plunge for the little ones.  We didn't take our though, they didn't sound too excited about it and we weren't sure what we'd do with them while we ran our race.  Anyway, we did pretty well on the run. My blood sugar was giving me trouble at the beginning and due to the nature of the race, I ran without my pump.  The initial hill caught me off guard and I had a hard time catching my breath.  I walked a whole lot more than I had planned to.  If we do a race like that again (Colin really wants to go back next year) then I'll train better!  The last quarter of a mile consisted of a large slip 'n slide which was pretty well deflated by the time we reached it.  We ran down it.  From there, you go into the muddiest part of the course, basically a mud bath.  You have no choice but to basically jump into mud.  It was waist deep for Colin and chest deep on me.  I think Ryan would have been completely under mud!  Then there is an enormous mud wall and I had to have two people help push me over!  We gathered as a team and got our photos in the booth.  We snapped a few shots on our own camera and headed for the showers.  They had a big drain system set up with FREEZING cold showers.  You could pay $3 for a hot one but we just jumped into the ice melt water and went for it.  I got as clean as I could and then just changed into some cleaner clothes.  Colin threw his shirt in the dumpster and wrapped his towel around him on the ride home.  He didn't bother with his change of clothes.  I wish I had gotten pictures of the showers.  Everyone donates their shoes to kids in Ghana and the race was also a Lymphoma and Leukemia fund raiser so naturally, Aubree was in our thoughts that day.  Totally fun, maybe a once in a life time kind of event... we'll see!   

 Me coming down the slide.
Colin coming down the slide.
In this shot we're standing in front of the starting line. 

In this one, you can see the middle and end parts of the race. The giant slide is the yellow spot in the background.
This is our group at the end of the race!


Megan Rose said…
That looks SO fun! ha ha.
joyous said…
Glad you guys had fun...I think I'll pass!!! Hahaha! So glad you guys took pictures though. ;)
Missy said…
What FUN! getting all muddy :)

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