out with the old, in with the new

Last year my dad bought me some Nike shoes for my birthday.  It's funny but they really changed my life!  I was able to wear them while I struggled to heal my heel.  I learned to run in these shoes.  They've done five 5K races and I've logged over 130 miles on these shoes.  I love the Nike+GPS sensor that they are compatible with and it makes working out so much more fun and meaningful. 

I noticed that these shoes, Nike Lunar Glide II came in a new model, the Lunar Glide III.  I really wanted a pair and was super excited about getting them.  I got a gift card for the Nike Online store through the Coke Rewards points I'd earned so that brought the cost down a little which is a total bonus!  I've just put the new shoes on but I really love the color and they're already super comfortable!  


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