Beach Camp: a million picture post

 Evan, Ryan, and Brady walking down the beach

 Evan, Ryan, and Brady playing in the water
my sweet E

Colin hanging out on the beach

my boys on the 4th

taking the boys for a ride

all the kids on the 4th
Landyn, Ryder, Evan, Kali, Shea, Ryan

bought E a new pair of swim shorts.  apparently they're too small 

because he couldn't keep them up

and was showing a bit of bum

Grandma Jean playing with Ryder

Ryder loving the beach

Karen & Kali

Landyn playing at the beach

My boys playing on the beach

Landyn & Ryder

Ryan found a sand crab

 Tyler buried Ryan and Landyn in the sand.

 Marsha and her sweet 6th month old Corbin.  Love that baby.  He let me hold him lots and put him down for naps.

Ryan, Tyler, Landyn

Our last night!


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