Black Friday

 Fat newspaper full of yummy ads.

 You are right, Penny's it does!  And I won't miss it.
 The line outside of Smith's
 The lines inside of Smith's.
Penny's line.

Black Friday was one big fat success this year.  I'm still pretty mad that the stores are now opening on Thanksgiving.  I don't like it but at the same time, I cannot resist the sales, deals, and all of that.

Mom and I went to WalMart on Thursday evening for their 8:00 pm sale.  It was awesome.  There really were people everywhere and the HOT ITEM I wanted was in HIGH demand.  Mom and I arrived about 7:20pm and found our item and got in line.  Well, we sort of huddled around the pallet.  Pallets were just sitting there with these WalMart body guards (who couldn't really do anything but everyone was cooperating, so yeah), and we all waited until 8pm and grabbed our stuff.  I was super worried that I wouldn't get what I wanted but with Mom's help, we did!  The store was soooo crowded and it was super hard to even get your cart around the store.  However, we got everything we wanted and were home by 9pm.  It was awesome!  The item I wanted was on sale from $79 and $77 regular price, to $35 and $29 sale price.  There were only about 15 of the item so we were really stoked about getting it.

Mom and I went to bed around a decent time although I slept at her house in the same bed with the boys and they didn't let me get much sleep.  They were asleep but I'm telling you, Ryan is a freakin windmill when he sleeps!  So I was up at 4am and we hit a few stores.  We did really well and got everything that was on our lists.


grandmadonna said…
You forgot to mention we almost hit a deer on our oh so early morning trek.

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