Formula 1 & Swimming

Saturday we spent the morning doing a few errands and relaxing around the house.  We went swimming and then I had an idea to go get some bratwurst we'd seen one time walking through a nearby food court.  

After dinner, we all felt like dessert and set out to find some ice cream.  As we walked down Orchard Road, we heard the F1 race cars in the distance.  I got excited about them and we changed our minds about ice cream and walked toward the cars.  We decided to take the MRT one stop down to make it quicker.  The train was very crowded with weekend travelers and F1 spectators as we boarded the train.  The doors started closing before Colin and I could get on and I was determined to get in there to avoid being separated from our boys.  My purse got stuck in the door a little but I made it.  Colin, on the other hand, did not.  Luckily, we had our cell phones and everything so we were able to stay in contact.  I was glad that it happened the way it did because I was with the boys, and we were safe, but the boys were concerned enough that they were paying attention when Colin and I later discussed an emergency plan should they ever get separated from us on the train.
As we walked toward the cars, two things occurred to Colin.  First, that there was a Cold Stone in the mall near his work building.  And secondly, that he had his work badge on.   And that there was an event for the F1 in the building where his firm is located.  The closer we got, the louder the cars were.  We were directed outside to the 8th Gate of the race.  From there, we could see that the race track was right in front of us.  We could certainly HEAR the cars, but we couldn't see them because there were large partitions and gates in front of us.  Colin hoisted Evan up on his shoulders and we heard him tell us, "I can see the cars, I can see them!"  None of the rest of us could, but his excitement made mine grow for sure.  

So, we walked into the building, and up to the reception desk.  Colin said his name, flashed his badge, and before we knew it, the receptionist was printing out guest badges and we were on our way up to a cocktail party.  We didn't stay long because we weren't officially on the guest list but it was the coolest thing ever.  The party was on the seventh floor and from there we could see a few different parts of the race track.  The view was incredible.  You could see some of the marina skyline and hear the cars whipping by.  I thought it was so cool.  Colin enjoyed it too.  We let the boys take a peek and then sent them to the room for kids entertainment.    We stayed JUST  while longer and then gathered up the boys and headed for home.  It was definitely an unexpectedly exciting evening.


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