Jurong East Swimming Complex

I've been teaching Ryan to keep a journal during our home-school day. As he's been writing in his journal, I've gotten out my old journal and written in it a little.  I like it, yet I feel like I'm dividing my efforts from the blog.   I've been trying to catch up with the blog so I could maybe even start posting daily.  But, I also know that if I attempt this, I'd either be neglecting other things in my life, or I'd get behind and get frustrated.  It is still something I'm considering, however.

I wish I had really written down more of my thoughts the past three weeks while the emotions of experiencing life in a new country were more raw.  But, I didn't. And although I remember, I do think it's harder to express as I've distanced myself from some of the experiences.

Anyway, Evan is out of school Thursday and Friday for teacher in-service days.  It's been fun having both boys home although I wish they'd spend more time playing than arguing.  The nice thing about this particular break is that the local schools are still in session so we're the only ones off and places aren't so busy.  Today, we ventured out to the water park and today we decided to explore the marina.

Wave pool.  This water park is super cheap and we basically had the whole park to ourselves. 

Singapore has too many rules.
This water park is classic Singapore, too many rules.
They would't let the boys
go past the yellow line in the wave pool.
They wouldn't let me wear my flip flops on the deck of the wave pool.
Evan was too short for all three slides. Etc. 

It was a sunny day and it made for perfect water park weather.
Since Evan was too short for the slides,
we spent almost the whole time in the lazy river
going around and around and around.  

Don't worry, it's not the humidity.  This is just my classic water park hair.
I'm thinking about doing a blog post dedicated to all of my many "hair do's"  

I hit a wall of frustration today.  I will admit, it was not the first time this has happened since our arrival.  Sometimes, living in a foreign country is just.. so foreign.  It's hard not having a car.  Public transportation is really nice, super cheap, safe, and convenient.  I was just so spoiled at home to be able to just load up my kids, hop in the car, and go wherever we want to go.  The decision to not have a car is purely financial.  They just make it too damn expensive to drive here.  Luckily, however, the island is small so no matter where you go, it's not going to take longer than about an hour on public transport.  (trying to see past the fact that in a car that would be 20 minutes).  Our bus ride to the water park, the boys basically complained the whole time.  Ugh.

But anyway, I have also been struggling to feel well. It's hard to explain but I'm just not quite 100%.  My blood sugars have been pretty good.  If they could be really good then I know I would feel a lot better.  Something is off with me and I think the humidity is most likely contributing.  I really haven't felt like it's HOT here, but I also know I'm not staying as hydrated as I should.  I went to the doctor once but I don't really feel poorly enough to go back.  But I don't feel well enough to be my self yet.  It's hard to be optimistic when you don't feel well.

I really, really, hate to complain. I have a wonderful life and SO MANY blessings but this adjustment phase is something I knew I would have to go through and that's just what I'm trying to do... go through it.


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