Halloween 2013

Halloween in Singapore.  Well, it was a lot like Halloween in the United States, but there were definitely some differences.  For one thing, I didn't know where on earth to get a good costume.  So, naturally, I turned to Pintrest and saved some of the million (okay, that's an exaggeration; four hundred and two) moving boxes that I had and decided to MAKE my kids' costumes.  

I started looking around for ideas and came up with a few possibilities. Because I'm a great mother, I let my kids decide.  I try to let them have choice in things like this.  I really wanted Ryan to be a Tardis but he wanted to be Steve from Minecraft LAST year so I relented and made him that this year.  Evan decided on a robot.  

At the beginning.  2 ordinary moving boxes.
All finished!

The boys were so excited, they wanted to show off their costumes.

The Saturday before Halloween, we attended a party.  I only took one picture.  Oops!  This is Evan digging through the "brains" for a trick!
The Monday of Halloween we did a little practice run.  I learned something that day.  Boxes aren't great Halloween costumes when it's monsoon season.  Ah well!  Kids had fun.

On the day of Halloween I went to Evan's class and carved a pumpkin for them.  Here it is!

Later that afternoon we went back and helped in Evan's class Halloween Party.  Here are some awesome treats a mom made.  

All the kiddos watching Charley Brown Halloween.  or whatever it's called.
Okay, so I'd heard a LOT about trick or treating in the neighborhood in which we live. And let me tell you, they were mostly horror stories.  I heard that there would be THOUSANDS, literally thousands of people.  I heard that the "locals" really like to get in on the action of this American holiday and come in droves.  I was quite nervous; maybe even a little bit scared about how it will all go down.  I had visions of my kids getting trampled.  I noticed this sign on the way to pick up Evan in the afternoon.
Ryan as Steve from the video game Minecraft.
Evan as a robot.

The boys all dressed up and ready to go.  
So, as I was saying, I heard that it was going to be CRAZY trick or treating here so we took some seasoned advice and left early.  5:50pm.  At first, it wasn't so bad.  I noticed there WERE a lot of people.  Oh, just so you know, all of the houses look like this one pictured above.  Big gates and car parks.  Everybody had their gates open and lots of families had set up tables which they'd decorated.  Kids just walked inside the gate and got their candy.  No doorbell ringing or knocking, just walk up and say,  "trick or treat".

The streets at about 6:00.

Colin and the boys. 

This video was taken at about 6:15pm.

At around 6:45 things really started picking up.  There WERE lots and lots of people out on the streets.  My kids costumes, while pretty darn amazing, were difficult to navigate.  Poor Evan couldn't reach anything and Ryan couldn't see or breathe very well.  At about 45 minutes in, they were basically finished.  We only did about half of the neighborhood, maybe less.  But I was glad that we got to experience it!

This is at about 6:45pm.  You can tell how insane it was from the video, I think.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. It's hard to be away from home for holidays but it was super fun to wake up on Friday morning and see everyone's photos on Facebook and Instagram.  Don't know what I'd do without my social media.  It seriously helps a lot.


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