Albion Meadows Hike

I really wanted to take the kids hiking before summer was over.  I heard that this hike up at Alta called Cecret Lake was a good beginner hike.  Being that we had kids ages 2-9 we needed an easy hike!  So off we set.  Jess and I drove the kids up to Alta and when we got there, the little ranger at the gate told us that there likely wasn't any parking since everyone had the same idea as we did!  So, we decided to park at the ski resort and do a different trail.  

Just a little way up the trail we passed a family with kids much older than ours.  They told us that the girl at the gate was wrong and that the hike was much longer and more difficult than she had told them.  So, we decided to just go as far as we wanted and then turn around.  

We found a nice little place to eat lunch and hiked up a little farther.  

The whole hike was really gorgeous but the wild flowers were just amazing!  

We all had a great time!  

This bee was loaded down with pollen!  We gathered up some seeds from some wild flowers that we hope to transplant into our yard in the spring!  I can't wait to see if they'll come up! 


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